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My life's been crazy since my Daddy moved in with me immediately after my mother's death in October 2010. My one and only kiddo headed to college at Carolina at the end of August. So...I lived on my own, for the first time in my life, for a total of a blissful six weeks. Then, I started the parenting gig with my dad. He's a combination of a grouchy old man, a surly teenager and a temperamental toddler. Needless to say, I get very close to the brink of insanity sometimes. I get through life by finding the humor in difficult circumstances. And for some reason, I wind up in the weirdest situations. I couldn't make this stuff up. So I wind up having lots and lots crazy adventures which make great stories to share with my friends. Writing about my life is so therapeutic. My ramblings range from funny to sad to angry (full of cuss words) to sweet. While my focus is dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a parent to my Daddy, I have lots of random, totally unrelated posts. Whatever's on my mind. I love to make people laugh, and I'm happy to think my readers will get my strange sense of humor. And maybe, people who are in my situation will be encouraged. That's all I can hope for...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pysanky - Polish Easter Eggs

My sweet surrogate parents, Ruth and Jerry, showed me their collection of beautifully decorated Easter eggs. So different from the plain old Paas versions I'm used to. Don't get me wrong, I love Paas. Dropping the tiny tablets of food coloring into the vinegar/water mixture. Using those cool, copper, octagonal dippers. Experimenting with multiple colors and going overboard. Too many colors make the eggs an icky grayish brown. And using the clear wax crayon to write messages or draw flowers or bunnies. In watercolor painting, you'd call this resist.
Turns out, beautifully intricate wax resist is an integral part of Polish Easter egg decorating.

I'm so excited that I'll get to try my hand at Pysanky this weekend. I love learning new things. And meeting new people. So let's just say I'm full of anticipation, mixed with a dash of anxiety. Awaiting the arrival of my latest admiree (and hopefully admirER) with alacrity and avidity. Hopefully we won't aggravate, annoy or afflict each other with agony or angst. I know, I know, this avalanche of alliteration is annoying.

Speaking of aggravation, I need to close now. Gotta be at Good House in 20 minutes to meet bug man and stay there until the Comcast guy arrives between 8 and noon.

Maybe I'll come up with some ideas for my first attempt at Pysanky while I wait. Something to rival these:


  1. Love the eggs and want to hear about your craft session.
    Where do you get these words?
    alacrity and avidity

  2. Darn it! I ran out of time and we never painted eggs. Even though Easter's over, I have three dozen eggs, so I hope to give it a shot - maybe next weekend after my move.

    As for my expansive vocabulary, I cheat a little bit. When I'm trying to think of the perfect word, I go to dictionary.com and read the definition of a word that's close to what I want to say. Then I click on the thesaurus tab for that word. I pick some synonyms I like and go back to the dictionary tab if I'm not sure of their precise meanings. I can get lost in the process, but I always learn great stuff.

    Also, I get daily emails from wordsmith.org and those are great. And of course, UrbanDictionary for my less couth communication.

  3. Great article, beautiful pysanky thanks for showing the artistic talent.