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My life's been crazy since my Daddy moved in with me immediately after my mother's death in October 2010. My one and only kiddo headed to college at Carolina at the end of August. So...I lived on my own, for the first time in my life, for a total of a blissful six weeks. Then, I started the parenting gig with my dad. He's a combination of a grouchy old man, a surly teenager and a temperamental toddler. Needless to say, I get very close to the brink of insanity sometimes. I get through life by finding the humor in difficult circumstances. And for some reason, I wind up in the weirdest situations. I couldn't make this stuff up. So I wind up having lots and lots crazy adventures which make great stories to share with my friends. Writing about my life is so therapeutic. My ramblings range from funny to sad to angry (full of cuss words) to sweet. While my focus is dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a parent to my Daddy, I have lots of random, totally unrelated posts. Whatever's on my mind. I love to make people laugh, and I'm happy to think my readers will get my strange sense of humor. And maybe, people who are in my situation will be encouraged. That's all I can hope for...

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Little Fantasy World

I'm a sorter by nature so I'm constantly analyzing and comparing everything. Looking for patterns. I realized early on in my budding romance with FF that he's scarily similar to my close friend and colleague Keith. They are both brilliant. Smarter than me even. If you can believe that! Very, very liberal politically. Whiskey connoisseurs. So musically talented. They both sing and play the guitar and piano and have eclectic taste in music. Neither one likes pop music. They're both strong willed and can be argumentative. They're both the only boys in their family and have more than one sister. I think that's part of the reason they're so comfortable with women. Keith has an amazing wife who just happens to work for a medical school and FF works for a medical school. Both of them have fathers who were very accomplished in their medical fields.

Two big differences, though. Keith's been happily married a long time. FF's never found Mrs. Right. Until recently. And Keith's a self-proclaimed capitalist. Yesterday he stopped by for a visit. The D's met him several times, but still, I wonder if he's curious about all the men in my life. He's only met my platonic friends, with one exception: FF last weekend.

I’ll wait to tell Daddy we're moving to Florida. See, dude knows The D and I are a package deal. And he doesn’t seem to mind. Since he reads my blog, he understands how it works. He does, however, tell me I spoil Daddy too much. That’s changed some since the move. He’s finally taking it upon himself to find something to eat when I’m not here or I forget. He even fixees his own elixir of Miralax and OJ.

As for the relo to FL, that’s still in fantasy phase, too. Still, it’s a nice idea.

One last thing about FF before I close. I went by his parents’ for a visit Saturday. I interrogated them about their spoiled son. They always make me promise not to tell him what they say. They never interfere. Probably because they’re afraid of him. I think he’s got a little bit of a temper. He hollered at his mother AND me when we were trying to close the breaker box on Easter. Said we were going to break the cover. I just walked away. Later, I told him I didn’t like it and he said that’s just the way his family talks. I said it sounded disrespectful to his mom. And me. Maybe he took it to heart.

Because during my little visit with his mom, she said she’d never seen him so mellow. That she didn’t know what I’d done to him (that made me blush a little). Damn, I’d hate to see him NOT mellow. I do love our animated discussions, though. The parrying. I held my own, I’m proud to say.

Wow, I’ve said too much. That’s me though. An open book.

And I have a feeling this book is gonna have a happy ending. Either way, I’ve been smiling and laughing so much more since dude’s been on the scene. And that feels good.

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